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Types of Plumbing Brackets

Plumbing brackets are used to support pipes in plumbing, heating and drainage applications. They can be used in vertical or horizontal applications and come in a range of styles.

Pipe support solutions can help reduce supply line movement and increase productivity during job site installations. They can also be used to protect plumbing pipes from noise and vibration disturbance.

Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamps can be used to secure pipes in unstable environments such as earthquakes or floods. They also reduce vibrations and prevent pipes from bending or cracking.

They are available in half-inch and three-quarter-inch pipe sizes. You can also buy longer lengths of pipe and thread them together to increase their capacity.

Depending on your project, you can choose to use galvanized or black steel pipe for your clamps. The choice is largely driven by what’s available locally and your preference.

Stud Guards

Stud guards, also referred to as self-nailing apes or safety plates are a good way to protect pipes and wiring in the walls of your home. They are often installed during a new build or major renovation to prevent accidental screwing up and the resulting fire or water damage.

The best stud guards are self-nailing and come with two prongs that allow them to be driven into the wood. Several models are available, and they can be found in a variety of sizes and styles. Most are designed for use on wood framed walls, but they can be used on metal and cement board as well.

Hyco Bars

The Oatey oh my oh my hyco bar is the gold standard for plumbing brackets. The hyco bar is a good looking piece of aluminum fabricated in house using state of the art CNC equipment. It is also the proud recipient of an award naming it as the best hyco bar in the state of California. It is not the cheapest on the market but it does offer a plethora of benefits like an impressively low labor cost and the best customer service. It also has an impressive inventory of over 5000 products, all of which can be ordered online with ease and with free delivery in 164 countries including Macedonia.

Band Irons

Band Irons are thin metal straps used when a pipe needs to be hung lower than a J-Hook can reach. They are typically coiled and bendable.

They are available in copper or iron. They are designed for use in residential and commercial plumbing applications.

American Elements produces a wide range of iron in the form of powder, rod, bar, piece, pellet, disc and granules. We can also cast the material in any shape required by your application.

Stub Brackets

Stub Brackets are a great way to secure copper, PEX or CPVC stub outs. They are easy to use and eliminate the need for makeshift installation methods.

Sioux Chief offers several stub brackets for different applications. Their Power Bar adjustable brackets assist with the installation of stub out elbows or pipes that stub out of walls. They replace the standard practice of cutting to fit and using a piece of stud as a piping support. They are available in 16″ and 24″ stud bays with one or two pre-installed LockBlock devices.

DWV Hangers

DWV Hangers are a great way to support drain, waste and vent pipe lines in residential and commercial plumbing applications. They come in copper, carbon steel and electro-galvanized finishes and are available with a number of features to make installation easier.

Unlike stud brackets, DWV hangers feature a patented ball and socket design that rotates 360 degrees for alignment flexibility during installation. They also have a strap ratchet that adjusts for all schedule 40 DWV pipe sizes to 4″ and an extension strap accessory for larger diameter pipes.

Flush Valve Brackets

A flush valve bracket is used to securely mount a toilet’s flapper or tank ball assembly. Depending on the age of the toilet, this can be either a rubber flapper or a tank ball that controls how water enters the toilet bowl during flushing.

Over time, HVAC manufacturers have made it a point to make support brackets compatible with many devices that may be placed within their systems. This can be especially helpful for those who assemble machinery that requires a lot of force, as the use of a support bracket can help prevent any unnecessary movement that might affect the functionality of other parts.

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