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Small Bathroom Ideas – How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Claire Brody Designs proves that dark colors can also work effectively when creating small bathroom ideas, demonstrating with this moody space from Claire Brody Designs how using darker hues can create an intimate and cozy environment in small areas. Darker shades absorb light more efficiently while giving the room a cozier vibe.

Create an eye-catching downstairs cloakroom without spending much money or exerting effort with vibrant wallpaper in a downstairs cloakroom, using only Perspex sheet as protection against steam damage to its print.

1. Make the most of ceiling height

Maintaining a clutter-free ceiling can give a small bathroom an illusion of space and openness. Mounting robe hooks (standard height is five to six feet from floor) and towels on the back of door provides storage while giving enough room to reach them easily.

Clever mirror ideas can make an enormous impact in a small bathroom. A large mirror not only fills up wall space but also disperses light more evenly throughout the room, creating the impression that it’s larger and brighter.

Small bathroom ideas such as eye-catching wallpaper or artwork can add flair and character to a compact cloakroom. Achie maximum impact by placing patterned designs on both ceiling and walls for visual continuity; or choose panelled walls which add plenty of charm while taking up minimal wall space.

2. Create a half-height false wall

When space is at a premium, creating definition in your bathroom with half walls is often an easy solution. Here, wood wall panelling separates the toilet from the sink for an attractive effect that complements pink and green hues beautifully.

Lighter hues create the illusion of more space, especially when combined with reflective surfaces to reflect natural light. However, don’t be intimidated to go bold when creating small bathroom ideas: designer Whitney McNell installed fierce feline-themed wallpaper for this powder room for an entertaining effect.

Skylights can bring light into any home, but if their roof lines don’t permit one, why not opt for something like Studio DIAA’s false ceiling featuring window shapes instead? It fills your small bath with natural illumination while looking stylish as well.

3. Panelled-effect walls

Wall panelling can add warmth, character, and period flair to a bathroom without taking up too much room. If you need help getting started, try something basic such as portrait panels or more intricate ones with decorative ribbed patterns – or opt for more extravagant patterns that require multiple panels!

Though many small bathroom ideas focus on using light colors to create the illusion of space, darker hues can also work well when combined with reflective surfaces like mirrors. Darker tones give off an intimate vibe while reflecting light around the room to make it feel bigger.

Consider adding texture with panels that mimic the look of wood. They are easy to install as they simply slot together or can even be secret nailed in place – running them horizontally can elongate the room while diagonal designs add depth and visual interest.

4. Add a living wall

If custom wallpaper is out of reach (or too costly), an inexpensive planter wall like Habitat Horticulture’s could still add that fresh green look while purifying the air as well as providing decoration. It features a white frame filled with delicate fern-like plants which also serve to clean it!

Another way to add botanical greenery into the shower is with a living wall commissioned by its owner for their home in Brooklyn. This particular example features prayer plant (Maranta), which thrives with indirect light, humidity and moderate temperatures.

While many assume a smaller space should adhere to minimalist designs, Katie Rosenfeld shows it’s possible to go big when designing your powder room or primary bathroom. She includes beautiful shaped tiles, custom sink skirt, handmade washstand and antique details in this charming more-is-more space.

5. Create a bespoke washstand

An attractive washstand makes an eye-catching centerpiece in any small bathroom, adding dimension and layer to its appearance. Use stylish storage baskets to stash towels and toiletries safely away, adding another layered dimension to the space.

Wall-mounted faucets are an ideal solution for small bathrooms as you can install them without taking up precious floor space with an unwieldy basin pedestal. Rexa has created this distinctive shape to add character and personality into any bathroom space!

Bold wallpaper designs can make an immediate statement in even the smallest powder rooms and cloakrooms, just make sure that a Perspex splashback is installed around the bath/shower area to protect its design from water damage.

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