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Turn Up the Heat With Warm Tones in Bathroom Interior Design

Add an eye-catching element to your bathroom by wallpapering one wall (just be sure to select washable, water-resistant paper!). It can add personality and flair.

Natural earth tones that promote relaxation are becoming increasingly popular in bathing spaces. Think sages, soft greens and warm neutrals which pair beautifully with different wood species.

Natural pigments

Alongside earthy hues, natural pigments are adding warmth to bathroom designs. Look out for hues like terracotta and rust when selecting paint, flooring and accessories; or go green with walls painted in serene hues like pistachio or pine; create an eco-friendly countertop using Real Milk Paint (with limitless color possibilities!) – there are endless design opportunities!

Voluptuous curves are reinventing modern bathrooms – this elegant bathroom by Far Studio showcases this trend with its sculptural tub and faucet from Waterworks.

Salvesen Graham created this bathroom designed with bold accent walls in mind to bring brightness into a dark space without painting every wall in sight, such as this stunning bathroom designed by Salvesen Graham. A bathroom mirror and patterned tile further light up this bright space while fluted moldings and fluted-v shapes add dimension. Microcement provides multiple benefits when applied in damp environments as it helps regulate humidity and temperature changes over time.

Warm tones

Natural hues with warm tones can add an elegant aesthetic to bathroom interior design, and pair beautifully with refined furniture and fixtures for an inviting atmosphere. Wood effect bathroom tiles provide the ideal embodiment of this color palette.

Warm colors work beautifully in any bathroom color scheme, from contemporary white bathrooms to earthy terra-cotta walls and tub surrounds like those shown here. When combined with accent pieces like antique mirrors or even an intriguing nickel vanity fixture, warm hues add visual interest and depth.

An impressive dark shade can ground an otherwise neutral bathroom. Here, a deep walnut vanity and medicine cabinet frame add depth and visual enlargement of putty walls. Warm tones towels and linens also create a soothing atmosphere; display them on stylish ladders or in woven baskets for a spa-like ambience.

The mood for comfort

Interior bathroom design depends heavily on its details to achieve success. After all, bathrooms are spaces where we go to get ready and care for ourselves–whether getting dressed, applying makeup, shaving or bathing are just some of its functions – and any bathroom must be comfortable and relaxing to feel right at home in.

Attain this goal by selecting materials, colors and layouts that promote relaxation and ease of use. Textured tiles add warmth while neutral colors such as greys and whites are instantly relaxing. A light and bright bathroom can feel airy while selecting fixtures with brushed brass finishes instead of chrome gives an airy and less clinical aesthetic.

Functional and stylish storage solutions can bring comfort into a room. A built-in nook for toiletries and towels, robe rack or over-the-door hooks for towels all offer convenience while keeping the room organized and clutter free.

Layers of texture

Once you’ve established practical bathroom design elements like layout and storage options, now’s the time to add texture into the mix and let your personality show. Be it with accent tiles or woven rugs – there are plenty of ways to personalise your space!

One effective method for adding texture to bathrooms is through juxtaposing surfaces. Opting for matte finishes and mosaic tile designs that contrast with smooth, glossy surfaces in other parts of the room creates a dynamic visual experience that’s both modern and classic at once.

Texture can be added by layering different finishes on bathroom walls. This adds depth and character, making the room more interesting while keeping within 3-4 finishes so as not to overwhelm a small space.

Textured curtains can add another level of charm and character to your bathroom space. Just be sure that it matches with the rest of its colors.

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