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How to Elevate Your Kitchen Decor

Kitchen decor can play an essential part in creating a functional yet inviting space. By applying innovative ideas, it’s simple to upgrade this utilitarian room.

Patterned wallpaper adds flair, yet can easily be removed if it no longer suits. Other options include opening cabinet doors for open storage space and stocking shelves with baskets, bins and beautiful glass storage containers.

Add a pop of color

Even elegant, simple kitchens can seem plain without adding some personality. Here are a few ideas to give your space some color:

Add some life and color into an otherwise dull room by hanging a painting, map, cool print or children’s artwork to add some pop. Plus, this way if it becomes tiresome to look at you can simply switch it out easily!

Replace basic lighting fixtures with ones that add a splash of color to the space, like pendant lights with vibrant lamp shades or sculptural designs that serve more like works of art in your room.

Benjamin Moore recommends green as an ideal hue for kitchens because its organic tones promote health. To add an earthy pop of color, opt for Wythe Blue HC-143 or Hale Navy HC-154 leafy shades as backsplash colors; or paint cabinets a striking hue like Wythe Blue HC-143 or Hale Navy HC-154 for permanent updates. Rugs, dishcloths and tea towels also add subtle pops of hue.

Add some pattern

Kitchens may feel functional, but that doesn’t have to mean boring! A kitchen can become even more personal with decor that combines functionality and style; adding visual interest can easily increase user satisfaction in this hardworking space without resorting to full renovation.

Wallpaper can be an effective way to visually expand a kitchen space while patterned backsplashes can save money over actual tile installations. Stick-on decals offer another cost-cutting solution as they look like custom-designed backsplashes while being easy to remove should your decor needs change over time.

Everyday objects can double as decor, such as this framed diptych from @sincerelymariedesigns that uses wooden spoons as art. An area rug adds texture while saving wall space – while @themillys1930shome’s shelf display transforms functional items into beautiful vignettes.

Create a focal point

One of the easiest and most effective ways to add visual interest to a room is with a focal point. This may take the form of art, an eye-catching accent wall color or even just an impressive light fixture that sets the scene for your kitchen decor.

Kitchen island stools are a wonderful decorative focal point and they can easily be integrated into any area of the kitchen. Other popular features are gorgeous backsplashes that add character and contrast, 2nd-tier cabinets with glass doors, or carefully curated displays of heirloom dishes in carefully planned vignettes.

Local designers say color can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to create an eye-catching focal point in any room. Simply selecting an eye-catching hue when painting cabinets or using wallpaper can draw people’s eyes upward and make any space seem larger.

Maximize storage

Kitchen decor should pay equal attention to every space, including those smaller spaces which may go unused. Make the most of those neglected nooks and crannies by devising storage solutions which double as decorative accents.

Donning Command hooks on cabinet or pantry door walls to hang mugs and other cooking tools saves space while making them easily accessible. Plus, hanging items saves cabinet and counter space!

Removing cabinet doors in front of windows and filling the empty space with decorative glass storage containers makes for an eye-catching yet functional display in the kitchen. Open shelving adds color and texture, while keeping daily essentials close by. This small kitchen decor idea also makes a statement against a neutral palette, inviting blue hues of various hues (robin’s egg blue, cobalt and deep marine hues) into the space for warmth and visual interest.

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