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Interior Design Tips For Bedroom Decor

Interior Design is the process of arranging a space to maximize its usefulness, maximizing the visual appeal of the room and providing access where needed. It is not about adding beauty, but rather about making the most of what you already have. Interior Designers work with architects, engineers, builders and clients to create a plan that will make the best use of every square inch of space that is available. The end result is a room that is functional, stylish, warm and useful. If you are looking for inspiration for your room, take a look at these five ideas for bed design.

White – An opulent color, white exudes sophistication and elegance. The color is perfect for a comfortable and cozy sleeping area. painting your bed white will actually make it seem larger.

Color Coordination – Your main focal point should be the bed. Use different textures and fabrics to create the overall theme of the room. Hang curtains on the curtain rods or hang a few decorative pillows on the headboard.

Color Palettes – A great way to create the effect of a larger room is to pick colors that will work together. Use shades of pale blue, light green and cream to give the room an air of sophistication. If you like earth tones, then choose earth tones that compliment your bedding and curtains. For more of a vigorous atmosphere, go with the deep purples, yellows and blues. These colors can even be used as an accent wall if you like.

Image Credit – Try and avoid wallpaper when creating a theme like this one. Wallpaper is difficult to clean and tends to stick to furniture and walls. Instead, focus on using photos that capture the feel you are going for. For example, if you like western bedroom decors, try using old western photographs as wall paper. Or, if you prefer country themes, use color photos of people in western outfits. Image credit is important here, because if you don’t get credit for your work, your design will not be properly displayed to friends and family.

Mood Board – This is a great way to visually brainstorm ideas. Create an image credit of your finished product using mood boards and color swatches from magazines. Then choose the items that will most closely fit your concept. Using mood boards is especially useful if you like to take things apart. You can even use a picture of a completed piece of furniture on a mood board as a reference.