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Bedroom Furniture Essentials

Consider your decorating style when purchasing bedroom furniture – contemporary styles tend to be minimalist while traditional pieces typically include more ornamentation.

Storage should also be considered. Dressers or chests make for ideal options, while an armoire provides additional room for clothing and electronics. You might also consider investing in a vanity unit with mirror and space for stool/bench seating.


Beds are an indispensable piece of furniture that provide a space to rest, sleep and rejuvenate. A typical modern bed consists of a mattress on an underlying frame (such as wooden slats or box spring inner-sprung base) topped with wooden slats or box spring inner-sprung base and usually featuring both a headboard and footboard for optimal sleeping comfort.

Divan beds come equipped with storage spaces beneath to store clothing, utensils and other items you don’t want lingering around your bedroom floor. As one of the best types of bed frames for small bedrooms, divan beds make an excellent addition.

A canopy bed is an eye-catching piece of decor that adds elegance to any bedroom. While they make for great master suite pieces, canopy beds tend to be heavier than other bed frames and may prove difficult to move when needed.


A nightstand (also referred to as a bedside table, side table, or night stand) provides an ideal place for books, glasses of water and bedroom accessories like vases or mugs to be stored safely and conveniently. Furthermore, it can provide space to set a lamp that will help illuminate your reading and illuminate the room when required.

Modern styles feature nightstands with small cabinets for hiding valuables or extra clothing, shelves for displaying photos or books and sleek curved edges to prevent hitting or bumping against items on the nightstand and provide a streamlined appearance.

For a traditional aesthetic, opt for nightstands that are the same height or slightly taller than your mattress. Placing matching nightstands on either side of your bed creates balance and harmony.


Dressers are essential bedroom pieces that help maximize closet space, complete the look of a room, and provide you with a place to store clothing that won’t fit well on hangers. Choose from modern designs with sleek drawer glides or classic wooden pieces with timeless elegance; as well as contemporary models featuring mirrored panels.

Dressers differ from tall lingerie chests or armoires in that they tend to have lower base heights, and wider bases, which make them the perfect solution for smaller spaces. You can customize your dresser with various accents such as sleek pulls or intricate carvings to give it visual interest, some styles even come equipped with attached mirrors for use as vanity units! Plus, their top surface provides additional storage or allows you to display bedroom decor!


Armoires (also called wardrobes or chest of drawers) are large storage cabinets often used to organize clothes. Most usually they contain hanging space as well as shelves; some also contain drawers. Their shapes, designs and sizes vary greatly.

An attractive way to keep your bedroom organized, this spacious cupboard makes a beautiful statement in any room. Behind its elegant door lie plenty of storage options for seasonal blankets as well as extra bedding for unexpected overnight guests. Linens stack nicely while bins corral scarves and hats neatly.

A closet-like piece of furniture, the chiffarobe is similar to an armoire but typically simpler and less costly in design and price. Armoires may feature intricate carving or beveling while chiffarobes tend to be plainer and more utilitarian in form.

Chest of Drawers

If you’re in search of an elegant way to store clothing and accessories in your bedroom, a chest of drawers could be the answer. Although often confused with dressers, chests differ significantly and provide unique solutions tailored specifically to specific purposes.

Chests are tall and narrower than dressers, with one row of drawers that typically stack vertically – ideal for tight spaces like small apartments and condos.

Home offices can utilize chest of drawers to store extra printer paper reams, books that may occasionally need referencing and packs of sticky notes. Furthermore, their top surface area provides an ideal platform for displaying awards or diplomas that bring some flair into their workspaces.

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