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Hardwood Floor Protection – Engineered To Serve

Many homeowners today install hardwood flooring in their homes to create a warm, distinctive look. Although it’s true that most engineered hardwoods do have stone-like grain characteristics, they’re also made with synthetic materials, vinyl and laminate that don’t produce the same outcomes. A better choice may be choosing bamboo flooring instead. Not only are they more durable and more elastic, they also are available in a wide variety of colors and grain patterns. Here’s a look at the benefits of using bamboo for your flooring needs.

Bamboo flooring is made from a tough plant that grows in Asian countries, particularly Indonesia and India. The wood is renowned for its strength and resistance, as well as its natural beauty. Bamboo hardwood floors can be used for any part of your home, including your kitchen, bathroom and even your bedroom or entrance. Since they are resistant to water, staining and warping, they make an excellent addition to any home improvement project.

Bamboo has several advantages over traditional hardwood flooring. In addition to being stronger and more durable, it’s also easy to clean and doesn’t absorb sound like many other types of wood. Bamboo can be installed with a mat or with a carpet underneath to help eliminate sound absorption. Because of its carpet-like qualities, it can also be used as a temporary floor protection while you redo the remainder of your home.

You may also find that a bamboo hardwood floor installation will be more economical than a comparable installation with hardwood flooring. Advancements in modern technology now allow manufacturers to create solid wood products with a more dense core. As a result, the cost of a product is reduced as the core increases, creating a lower initial cost for the manufacturer. If you choose to install your own hardwood flooring, you may be able to get a lower cost than if you choose to hire a professional. For information on rebates from local hardwood flooring stores, check with your local building codes.

One of the main benefits of working with an independent flooring business is the ability to meet and build relationships with potential buyers. Build a trusting relationship with prospective clients by explaining the benefits of your product and explaining how it can help their home. If you are able to present a wide range of hardwood flooring choices, it can help you close more sales. Your willingness to answer questions helps potential homeowners feel comfortable about choosing to have your service installed in their home. In turn, you can offer advice on which type would be best for them and recommend a variety of different styles.

Hardwood floors are a key ingredient in creating a unique living space for your family. By using this timeless, classic material in your home improvement project, you can ensure that you offer visitors a warm, inviting environment. The value and convenience of engineered flooring beat out that expensive new carpet in many ways. With the right installation and the proper care, your engineered floors will last a lifetime. Talk to an expert today about the benefits of this important home improvement investment!