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Flooring Options for Every Style and Budget

No other home feature combines form and function more successfully than flooring. From children’s playrooms to formal dining rooms, flooring sets the scene for any room design project.

Cost can be prohibitive when it comes to new flooring installations; fortunately there are numerous cost-cutting ideas available to you.


Carpet is an age-old classic flooring option that’s soft, warm and cozy underfoot. Its timeless charm makes it suitable for any style of decor and can add visual interest to a space – from lush high-pile shag to tight Berber loops – you’re sure to find the ideal style of carpet for your home!

Finding the ideal carpet goes beyond aesthetics alone; consider fiber type when choosing one as some can last longer than others. Olefin (also known as polypropylene) carpet is an economical solution that resists moisture, mold, and bacteria while being stain-resistant and concealing footprints well.

Other durable carpet fibers include nylon and polyester. Closeout or remnant carpets at retailers may offer savings on lower-grade styles that still provide durability, or try carpet tiles which allow you to mix-and-match colors and patterns for an on-trend look that’s easier to keep clean – ideal for areas prone to spills or other mishaps.


Laminate flooring has become increasingly popular due to its variety of styles that mimic natural wood and stone surfaces, offering affordable pricing and hassle-free maintenance, making it an attractive option for renovating any room in their house or remodeling it altogether.

Laminate can be installed using either glue-down or glueless-click methods, with glued laminate requiring strong adhesive while glueless-click is much simpler and faster. Our flooring experts are on hand to assist you in choosing which option will best meet your home and budget needs.

Color should also be an important consideration when selecting laminate floors. Lighter hues make a room appear larger while darker tones give an intimate vibe.

Laminate is an ideal option for families with pets, as its durable surface can withstand spills, scratches and everyday mishaps while remaining soft enough for children to play on.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl plank (LVT) flooring emulates the look of natural stone and hardwood with more durable construction, making it suitable for high traffic areas like entryways, kitchens and bathrooms. Furthermore, LVT flooring is waterproof to withstand large spills or splashes from liquid spillage.

Some versions feature a cork layer for additional padding and warmth, with installation options including glueing down planks or floating them. Rigid core luxury vinyl is an innovative new option which resists moisture and mold more effectively than traditional vinyl, offering wood grain styles as well as slate and travertine looks.

Luxury vinyl comes in various colors and textures to meet the decor preferences of every homeowner. If budget is your primary concern, budget-friendly choices might include PVC vinyl planks that don’t feature built-in underlays; for midrange options consider WPC herringbone-style luxury vinyl planks; while for premium options consider SPC or click-lock luxury vinyl planks.


Tile flooring is beloved among homeowners for its durability, versatility and longevity. Furthermore, its easy cleaning makes it more appealing than hardwood or carpet floors – no odor trapping necessary and greater resistance against scratches and dents are just some of its many qualities!

Modern tile comes in many styles and colors to complement your decor, with grey floor tiles becoming increasingly popular as a versatile neutral backdrop that pairs well with various cabinets or appliances. Bright white tiles also provide an appealing contrast and help make spaces appear larger.

Your kitchen or bathroom could benefit from hexagonal-shaped tile to add a special and artistic look. Or you could try laying diagonal tiles to visually elongate a room visually. When combined with the appropriate flooring design, tile flooring designs can make a bold style statement that draws people in immediately; new technology also allows us to recreate natural stone and wood looks so you can achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of!

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