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The Career Of An Interior Designer

Many people have the misconception that interior designing is restricted to interior decorating alone. They fail to understand that interior designing is a profession which entails a lot more than decorating only. Interior designing takes into account almost all aspects related to design and furnishing. The end product is always a reflection of the effort put into it. Interior designing can be learnt but it cannot be learned overnight. It takes years of experience to get the hang of it.

Interior designing is definitely not restricted to museums, hotels and resorts. In fact interior designing encompasses every aspect of living. It can be used in your home, office or even a party. An interior designer must know how to decorate a park, an ice cream parlor, a restaurant or a bowling alley. These are all places where people go to relax and enjoy themselves.

If you are considering a career in interior designing then you will need to have at least some basic understanding of art and design. Art degrees in interior design are available. There are many schools which offer interior designing courses. You can join any of the schools or colleges offering interior designing courses. However, you must ensure that the school that you join up with is accredited and the teachers qualified to teach the courses.

Most of the schools offering art courses and degrees also teach interior designing as part of their curriculum. Those offering this degree can be said to be equivalent to an associate’s degree in interior designing. Students coming out of such schools may look forward to a long and successful career in interior designing. Many well-known designers have studied art and architecture at schools and colleges offering such degrees. Such designers include Frank Lloyd Wright, Calvin Klein and Zaha Hadid.

After getting an interior designing degree you can look forward to a wonderful career in interior designing. Your first assignment may be at a local design firm. You can later on move to a big company which may hire you full time to work on projects. You can work with one of the established firms or work as an independent interior designer.

You can become an interior designer by taking up simple courses that teach you the basics about home design and interior decoration. Once you have some work experience, you can progress to more complex assignments which involve floor and ceiling designing, furniture and lighting design, carpet and rugs designing, architectural modeling, molding and furniture placement and many more. If you wish to open your own design firm then you must get trained as an assistant first. This training will prepare you for the managerial tasks that a successful interior designing firm requires.