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Bed Styles For Mid-Century Modern Homes

Beds are an integral part of any bedroom. And with new bed designs being introduced virtually on a daily basis, choosing the right one is of utmost importance. Designer Beds in Wooden Street, toil to satisfy the requirements of many discerning customers. With amazing bed design ideas and various sizes of beds, your bedroom furniture needs are met here as well.

The bed designs available at Wooden Street include: L-shaped platform bed designs; platform beds; wooden bunk beds; futons; and wooden sleigh beds. In addition, the contemporary bed designs also have a wonderful collection of accessories to match. These accessories include nightstands, dressing tables, armoires, chests, dressers, headboards, footboards, vanity units, chests, and more. The designer bedding is also available in a variety of patterns and shades to suit every taste and budget. You can also customize your bed linen to match the bed designs.

Wooden Street Beds features a wide variety of wooden beds for children ranging from twin to king size. Their headboards and footboards have come in various styles such as platform, ladder, and traditional ladder. Platform beds feature no box springs and are commonly used by parents who want to save space in their child’s room. They help increase the room’s functionality by providing a firm cushioning against the mattress. The platform bed designs often feature hardwood frame and European Platform bed frames are renowned for their contemporary look and style.

In addition to the exciting bed designs, Wooden Street also offers sofa beds that are as versatile and functional as any other bed. This includes futons and daybeds. To meet the demands of today’s parents, sofa beds are available in numerous styles and designs. With a sofa bed you can create an adult day bed that converts into a comfortable sofa when not in use. Storage beds are another type of sofa bed that provides extra space and organization to the room.

Leather and suede bed styles have been popular for decades and they remain popular even though there are a lot of modern designs available in other materials. Classic style beds such as the four-poster bed, which is known for its large size, also remain popular due to its classic design. The traditional style bed used to be a common item in many families, and many people prefer this design over others.

These innovative bed designs can help you create a bedroom that is both functional and stylish. Whether you want sleeker designs or more simplistic ones, you will find plenty of designs to choose from. Sleeper bed designs work great in guest rooms or for people who want to make a bedroom of their own. If you want to add some color to your room, a colorful mid-century modern homes sofa bed will fit the bill.

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