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Advantage of Marble Floor Tiles

One of the best things about marble floor tiles is their beauty. Though they are expensive, they instantly elevate the look of any space. While there are some disadvantages of marble, many people still prefer it to ceramic or natural stone tiles. Here are a few of them. You may be surprised to learn that marble is much cheaper in India. However, it is important to consider the maintenance of marble flooring. After installing marble tile floors, you may have to use a sealant every year or two.

Because marble comes in a variety of colors and vein patterns, no two slabs will look exactly the same. That means you can never have a boring floor again! In addition, marble has a high resale value. This is because buyers are always eager to purchase houses with marble floors, since it will increase the value of their property. Therefore, choosing marble tiles for your flooring will be an excellent investment. If you are thinking of remodeling, marble floor tiles are an ideal choice.

Apart from durability, another advantage of marble floor tile is its elegant appearance. While modern porcelain tiles can mimic a wide range of materials, marble will still always stand out. The subtle veining pattern in marble floor tiles will be more visible when installed by a skilled installer. A skilled installer will lay out the tiles in such a way so as to make the veining patterns look random. However, you should note that marble floor tiles are expensive.

Aside from being beautiful, marble floors require high maintenance. Compared to other natural stone flooring materials, marble requires more regular maintenance and repair. Aside from being more expensive, marble requires higher maintenance. The only downside is that it is more likely to sustain damage than other materials. So, it is recommended to take care of marble flooring to extend its life. And even if you do install marble tiles in your home, you should take care of them properly.

Another advantage of marble flooring is that it is quite durable. While it is not the cheapest option, it will stand the test of time. It is a natural stone, and therefore, requires a lot of labor to be properly maintained. Because of this, it can hold up to a lot of weight and is very sturdy. But like any natural material, marble should be regularly polished to maintain its beautiful appearance. Otherwise, it may fade and turn yellow.

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