B is For Ben - 8

Pimms, Gin, fresh lemon juice, Sugar, and peychauds

Prison Collins - 8

Gin, fresh lime and pineapple juice, Boomerang liquor, Luxardo Bitters, Sugar, and angostura.

Des Plaines Riviera - 9

Gin, lemon, Sugar, Maraschino liquor, pineapple cinnamon Campari, egg white.

Burn After Drinking - 9

Fernet Branca, lime juice and bourbon with a little Chinese Secret.

Blackberry's Last Stand - 9

Rum, Lime, Sugar, Lavender Bitters, and Blackberries.

Deep Thought - 9

Brandy, Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Cherry Saffron Bitters.

Brothers in Arms - 9

Mezcal, Tequila, Cachaca, Fresh lime juice, sugar, muddled with a toasted green pepper. With hellfire and celery bitters.

Dollar Dollar Bill - 10

Aquavit, Combier, Sauvignon Blanc, fresh lemon juice, dill garnish.

Black Manhatton - 10

Bourbon, Vicchio Amaaro, Angostura bitters.

Pilcher Park Swizzle - 9

Bourbon, Demerara, Absinthe, lime juice, mint, and Aromatic bitters.

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